• How are shapes of cells determined? (Left: wild-type Arabidopsis, Right: mutant)
    Laboratory of Cell Metabolism & Function”
  • Development of a molecular weapon to combat the menace of parasitic weeds
    Laboratory of Cell Metabolism & Function”
  • Production of novel pigments using diverse P450s.
    Laboratory of Cell Metabolism & Function”

Research Overview

Laboratory of Cell Metabolism & Function”

Life is an integrated system consisting of multi-layered biomolecules and their function.

We are trying to clarify the roles of biomolecules such as proteins and metabolites in an organism or interaction between organisms with their corresponding genes.

We are conducting our research to this end by molecular biological, biochemical, genomic, and metabolomic approaches. Additionally, a range of applied researches, such as discovery of useful genes for industrial use in microorganisms or plants and food analysis to assure its safety, are being carried out.


metabolomics, lipdomics, sterols, lignans, cytochrome P450s, plant evolution, pigment production, specialized metabolism, secondary metabolism, symbiosis, parasitic plants, food safety, steady supply of food, functional materials, bioactive compounds

What's New

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    新しいホームページを開設しました> https://www.omu.ac.jp/agri/cellmetab/
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